TPMS for Motorcycles.

Riders are already vulnerable on the road but many never consider that they are vulnerable to tyre pressures. Incorrect tyre pressures greatly affect the handling and stopping ability of motorcycles. Maintaining correct pressures is crucial on bikes. If you want your bike to handle they way it should, you should be running the correct pressures.

Slow Leaks

Although you may think you're running the correct pressures you may be unaware you have a slow leak which can drop the pressures significantly. If you don't realise this drop in pressure soon, you might be surprised all of a sudden mid corner. With a TPMS system you are instantly alerted when pressures are dropping allowing you take action before it's too late.

Take Action Before It's Too Late.
In offroad applications riders are often riding in remote locations and tracks where getting a flat can mean a vey long, tiring walk home. With a TPMS system you can spot a puncture as soon as it happens, giving you enough time to head back before it's too late.